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Making Wood Turning Tools: Quick Oland

Making quick Oland tools for face plate work.

Wood turning a face plate project, whether a bowl, vase or hollow form, generally calls for a bowl gouge. The Oland tool designed by the late Knud Oland is an excellent alternative. This simple to make variation on the Oland will make for the wood turner an inexpensive replacement to the bowl gouge. Many gouges measure 22" or so with handle and now a days the handle may be an expensive metal handle. This design will provide us with a wood turning tool that has an integrated rope wound metal handle and an overall length of just over 24" Making wood turning tools just got easier.
To make this tool I am using some 3⁄16" braided nylon rope, a 24" long 1⁄2" galvanized nipple from the plumbing section of the hardware store, 2 6mm x 1 set screws, and a 3⁄8" high speed steel cutting tool used in the metal turning industry. wood turning project part
Two 15⁄64" holes are drilled for the set screws at about 1⁄2" and 1" from the end of the pipe. wood turning tool parts
To ensure the tapping is begun straight I hold the tap in the drill chuck and start it by hand. wood turning tip
The tapping is finished with a tap wrench off the drill press. wood lathe turning tool
8 or 9 inches up the opposite end of the nipple I tape the end of the rope in place wood turning tool handle
and attach a "crank handle" to the other end. specialty tool turning wood

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