Around the Woods

A Course in Woodturning
by Milton and Wohlers; 1919

B-I--5-a. Concave Cuts

Place the ¾" gouge on the rest with the handle parallel to the bed of the lathe. Roll the gouge on its edge and swing the handle so that the grind is perpendicular to the stock with the nose of the tool as the cutting point.

Force the gouge forward into the wood. As soon as the cut is started, the handle is lowered and swung to the left; (if cutting the left side of the concave) at the same time the tool is rolled back toward its original position. This movement brings the cutting point farther down on the lip and the grind, resting on the side of the cut, will force the gouge sidewise and will form one-quarter of the circle. Fig. 21.

Fig. 21.
Fig. 21.

This cut is continued from alternate side until the concave is nearly to size. The cut should be tested with a templet before the finishing cut is taken.

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