Around the Woods

Some pictures of wood I have turned
and sometimes the wood they came from.
Page 5 - Bowls

"Some pretty wood, some pretty kindling."

Ash Bowl
6" x2" high
Maple Bowl
8" x 3 high
Yellow Birch Bowl
A knot with some deteriorating wood was left in place for character. likely a branch broke off here at some point in the tree's life.
9" x 3" high
Elm Natural Edged Bowl
12" long x 9" wide x 4 1/2" high
Butternut Bowl
7" x 2 1/2" high
Maple Bowl
8" x 3 1/2" high
Spruce Burl Bowl
5 1/2" x 2" high
Yellow Birch Pedestal Bowl
6 1/2" x 5" high

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