Around the Woods

It had to come down

Lots of tree with a small saw.

I had to take down a couple of dead spruce that threatened my garage/workshop. While I should have taken a before picture, hind sight is 20/20 and I decided to work with what I had to show what a small saw, in this case a Stihl 025, could do. chainsaw tree down image
They were both over 60 feet high but the smallest was only about 16" on the butt with a fast taper. This one was over 24" on the butt and a slow taper. It was still 16" at 20' from the butt. The long branches filled the driveway. chainsaw tree down image
The smaller butt is to the right. chainsaw tree down image
I left a 2" hinge and used a rope and come-along since the tree was leaning toward the garage. Tense times waiting for it to fall. chainsaw tree down image
Here is another view as I went around the tree chainsaw tree down image
and looking straight up the driveway. On the right are the brush piles from the first tree. chainsaw tree down image
It took all day but finally there was another hugh brush pile brush pile image
some pretty big chunks of wood chainsaw tree down image
and some more wood and another brush pile. I will have to get one of the fellows in with a chipper. My wife seems to have something against all these brush piles, especially with another 5 or 6 smaller trees to come down. chainsaw tree down image
A few days later the brush is now chipped and piled. chainsaw tree down image
The wood has been moved to its own pile ready to be split. I consider this to be my new aerobics program. chainsaw tree down image

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