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Wood Turning a Birch Vase (2)

Stumped, but enjoying it.

The tailstock end is flattened in preparation for a face plate. I find that this is easier than trying to do a 90° cut with chain saw. flat face
The face plate is mounted with 1 1/2" long, #14, self tapping sheet metal screws. They are applied at an angle to give better bite in the end grain. face plate
Returning the piece to the lathe I bring up the tail stock for support. wood remounted
Beginning from the head stock I start to shape the piece. Wear a glove until the bark is gone. Birch will leave long strands of bark that will swing around and hit your hand. Not only will it sting, it may surprise you into a cut will cause a catch or otherwise hurt the piece. beginning to turn
As I continue it is evident that the piece is unbalanced and that there is more wood being removed from one side than the other, just as I hoped. cutting up the side
The top is particularly unbalanced and should give some dramatic flare at the end. head flare

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