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Wood Turning a Birch Vase (8)

Stumped, but enjoying it.

After a quick shear scrape and some sanding I part in far enough toget a good look at the bottom curves. wood turning parting cut
Then I begin to finish the piece. I am using varnish thinned with paint thinner, about 3 parts varnish to 1 of thinner. It is put on with a rag and left to sit for a few minutes. Any wet areas are covered with more finish. After 5 minutes I rub down with paper towel. This is repeated after 15 mnutes and then once again. The whole process can be repeated off the lathe over the next couple of weeks if desired. first finish on the wood vase
The small lathe table makes this convenient. wood turner's lathe table
The vase is separated from the base and allowed to stand and let the finish harden to the point where dust sticking is not a problem. vase off the lathe
The base is sanded with a slight cove using a 5" sanding disc on the bowl lathe. lathe sanding disc
The bottom is sanded and my name, the type of wood and the year are burned into the base before finishing.
The piece changes dramatically with the viewing angle. Very much it appears as praise lifted up.

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