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Wood Turning Project - Beginner

Making a Whisk Handle (3)

Finish the handle with a skew or gouges. Whisk handles are usually quite simple but can be as decorated as you like. wood turning project
Sand to 220 or whatever you like. This handle will get an oil finish and be washed frequently so anything over 220 is likely over kill. woodturning project
Part off with a skew or as far in as you are comfortable and cut off the rest. Sand the end. lathe tool skew
Mix up a bit of epoxy and coat the inside of the handle and a bit of the wire. An old deck of cards gives lots of places (52) for mixing epoxies in small amounts. I dab a bit inside the spring to make sure the wires will never move. lathe glue up
Insert the whisk in its new and far more elegant handle and you are done except for the wait for the finish. Let the epoxy harden before finishing. handle finished
Finished handle. I used a mix of vegetable and mineral oil which is let soak in and the excess wiped off. It may be washed in the sink with the other dishes and occasionally touched up with a bit of vegetable oil. turning finishing technique
The finished whisk. tool handle done

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