Around the Woods

Some pictures of wood I have turned
and sometimes the wood they came from.

"Some pretty wood, some pretty kindling."

This is a gallery of some of my turnings. Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture and use the back button on your browser to return to this screen.
This vase is turned from a piece of spalted birch left behind when the power company was cutting right of way at my parent's cottage. While birch tends to be very white wood, the color and spalting is a result of fungal growth in the wood and gives the piece a character that can not be duplicated. It is about 6" high and 3 1/2" wide
Image I had a small piece of maple crotch wood and used it to turn this 6" plate. The crotch gives it that distinctive "feather" grain.
As I was cleaning the shop one day I found a half log of ash and turned it with a natural edge. Some people call these "banana bowls" because of the distinctive shape. It is about 9" long and 5" wide by 3" high.
This is another of those cleaning pieces. Normally I would turn a bowl with face grain orientation but here the wood was dry enough that I felt I could turn it with the center of the tree left in and not get splitting. Thankfully, I was right. About 4" diameter by 3" high.
A square bowl in pin cherry, about 5" diagonal by 2 1/2" high.
Top and side views of another square bowl in pin cherry, this one from a tree that was dead on the stump and had beautiful color throughout. The color may have been from insect or fungal activity or the minerals from the swamp just behind it, or maybe all three.

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