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15" Craftsman Drive Belt

Getting it tight

Sooner or later, as in all belt driven lathes, it is necessary to replace or tighten the drive belt on the 15" Craftsman. How to do this is not obvious from the manual. Little is. Tightening the belt should take about 10 minutes but allow yourself a half hour the first time. You will need Allen wrenches, a pry bar, and I like a magnetic cup in which to place the screws.

In order to get inside the lathe we first need to remove the Speed Wheel and then four screws that hold on the back cover, five on the top including the one that holds the pulley cover closed, and two on the back. These require a 3mm Allen wrench. Craftsman wood turning Lathe
The wheel removed reveals one of the screws and a retainer ring that fits over the wheel shaft. Wood Lathe wheel removed
Loosen the set screw with a small Allen wrence and remove the ring. lathe covers
With the screws removed we need to remove the top cover (1) and the pulley cover (2). woodlathe ready to open
The top cover must be removed first. top cover off
The pulley cover lifts up and back. Reeves drive pulleys

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