Around the Woods

A Course in Woodturning
by Milton and Wohlers; 1919


In laying off measurements on the face of the stock a pencil compass or dividers should be used. Set the compass or dividers to one-half the diameter of the circle wanted. While one point is held at the exact center of the stock, which is easily located while the stock is revolving, the other is brought in contact with the revolving stock until a circle of the correct diameter is marked.

Fig. 17.
Fig. 17.

Should the center of the stock be cut away, rendering this method impossible, the following method may be used:
Set the compass or dividers to the exact diameter wanted. Place one point in contact with the stock a little to one side of the required line on the part that is to be cut-away. Bring the other point to the stock and see if it touches the line first made. If not, move the first point until the two points track in the same line.

The rest should be set at the exact center for measuring.

All measurements on the edge of the stock can be made with pencil and rule as in cylinder turning.

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