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Making an Arm Brace for Hollow Form Woodturning - Page 2

With the parts for the hollow form woodturning arm brace made or assembled, it is time to begin putting them together

woodworking lathe project, make arm brace tool, drilling

From one end of each of the 4" nipples, drill

wood turning lathe project, making hollowing tools, tapping for tool holder

and tap for the set screws at 1" and 2" from that end.

woodturning techniques, building tools, drilling for arm rest

Drill 2 holes in the the arm rest

wodturning hollowing equipment, drill for arm rest

and mark the arm extension at about 10" from the threads to take the self tapping metal screws. Drill the holes

wod turning hollow form handle, completed extension

and fasten on the arm rest. The extension is now done.