piled in from of the compost station

The material form the right hand bin is now piled in from of the compost station. There is still a fair amount of green material in it but as it has accumulated not only through the summer but especially in the last week or two this is really no surprise. It is early in October and with a bit of good weather some of the material will be ready for dressing beds for winter and the rest will be needed badly in the spring.

 temporary pile too close to the compost station

Of course I quickly realize that I have placed the temporary pile too close to the compost station and moving the next ones will be awkward. but it is too late now and I am used to making a mistake now and then anyway.

soaking down the first pile

There is an incentive now in taking time out from tossing piles to move up the hose (from a long way away) and soaking down the first pile that was moved. Water helps the whole pile to heat up as the bacteria do their job. Too much can drive out the air and make the decomposition awkward, but I have seldom seen that happen. Damp throughout the pile is my aim.

I then tossed the second pile into the now vacated bin. You can see in the picture that is is lighter than the freshly wetted pile. This one too will get a good soaking.

Some more got tossed from the third pile when I decided to call it a day. The material will still be there for turning the next day. It is ok to take a break now and then. Remember that gardening is to be enjoyable. Why else would we do it?