Welcome to Compost Central. If this is your first time here you can simply ignore the next couple of paragraphs and wander the site. If you are returning you will notice a lot of changes. It is the fall of 2015 as I write this. I have lately changed servers at my Web Hosting provider and in the move, my fault not theirs, I lost a lot of files including those for Compost Central. My backups also seem to be missing. Ouch.

Hence I am in the process of redoing the site. It needed it anyway but this feels a bit forced to say the least.

On the other hand, this is the year I rebuilt the compost bin and I got some good pictures of the process. I also made some cages for the tomatoes and got pictures of that. If you are interested in growing plants from seeds and cuttings I think you will find some good stuff here. You may also want to follow the composting process with me through the fall as well as putting a garden to bed anticipating a great spring to come. I also have intentions of building a lighting set up in the near future so you may want to keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, welcome, enjoy. and please leave comments as you like.