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Intermediate Projects

Once you get started turning wood, all it takes to keep going is a new idea and a chunk of wood.

My intention here is to add a wood turning project from time to time based on what I happen to be turning or upon what people ask. My ranking of beginner, intermediate or advanced is so subjective as to be meaningless except to me, but this is my page so I will do it anyway. Basically, if you can stand at the wood lathe or for that matter, sit at it, you can either easily turn the basic stuff or learn from it. The intermediate will move you along a bit or stretch your techniques. Advanced things are items that I like to have students have some experience under their belt before attempting. Have fun, make shavings, and stay safe.

angel wing woodturning project

Angel Wings are a lot of fun as two thirds of the wood turning is air. If you have turned a few bowls, you can do this.

turned wooden flowerpot

This flower pot is a good project for practice in end grain hollowing. It requires a robust wood lathe at this size but is a lot of fun. You might want to line it with a plastic bag for all that moisture in the potting soil.

wooden bowl natural edge

If you have turned a bowl, turning a natural edged face grain bowl. is not really more difficult and is a lot of fun.

project bowl endgrain

For a bit more fun, turn a natural edged, end grain bowl.

Christmas ornament

While I have turned other types of ornaments, I decided that my wife might like a pierced ornament for an early Christmas gift.

A Wooden Spoon has all the air turning challenges of a spatula coupled with turning an offset handle and carving the bowl. woodturning project spoon
finished table lamp

A basic table lamp turning project. This is an intermediate project as it combines both spindle and faceplate turning but it is certainly not difficult.

garden dibber

This is one of those basic or intermediate projects depending on how you want to turn it. Garden dibbers are great tools that have been around literally for ages, but are still great to use and have stood the test of time. Make this one with an oval handle and it becomes an intermediate project with great use and gift factors.