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Intermediate Woodturning Project
Table Lamp - page 1

Selecting the wood and getting ready for a screw chuck

finished table lamp

My daughter wanted a table lamp and I had some spalted birch that had come from a silver birch that had been lightning split and had to come down. The birch was special to us as it was from land that my parent's cottage was on and had been part of the old family farm. This is an intermediate project as it combines both spindle and facepalte turning but it is certainly not difficult.

Rough wood for the project

From 2 slabs I had enough wood to get a couple of 7 inch bases and a couple of 2 x 2 uprights.

marked for cutting

The bases and uprights are marked for cutting.

 wood is ready to go

A few minutes on the bandsaw and the wood is ready to go. I chose two pieces for this lamp and left two for another later.

beginning to make a screw chuck

I decided to use a screw chuck to turn the base so I took a 4" faceplate and marked around it on a piece of scrap maple.

screw chuck cut on band saw

It too was cut on the bandsaw and

screw chuck body mounted to face plate

mounted to the faceplate. Two screws are sufficient to hold it in place.