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Intermediate Woodturning Project: Pierced Ornament - page 4

glue up, final finish, and the ornament is ready for the tree

bottom surface of the top done

A skew is used to give a bevel to the edge of the top, friction polish is applied

reversed in the chuck

and the piece is reversed in the chuck.

reversed in the chuck

The top is shaped with a 1/4" Oland tool with a long edge, sanded, finished with turner's polish, and an eye ring screwed in.

bottom is turned, sanded and finished

In a similar manner, the bottom is turned, sanded and finished. Here the idea is to give an impression of icicles forming as water runs down the bottom tip.

 three pieces waiting for glue up

Thus we have three pieces waiting for glue up. I like to use a five minute epoxy although I find it takes more like 30 minutes to set up.

ready for the tree

Here is the final result.