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Wood Turning Bottom Jaws: making your own - Page 2

Once the jumbo sized auxilliary jaws for the four jaw woodturning chuck are completed they will sneed a set of hold downs to keep the bowls in place for finish turning the bottoms.

 scrap maple for the hold downs

A piece of maple scrap about 1 1/4" square was selected. It was marked off into 1 1/4" pieces with their centres marked for drilling.

rough blocks to become hold downs for the chuck

A few moments were spent on the drill press and band saw to yield the blocks.

 hold downs mounted on bolts

I should have had flat head machine bolts but I did not so I used what I had with a washer and nut and snugged them up tight.

 hold dwns turned to a taper

Each was mounted on a Jacob's chuck and turned with a top diameter of 1 1/4" and a bottom diameter of 1".

 hold downs mounted to woodturning jaws

Then they were mounted to the appropriate holes on the jaws.

bowl mounted for turning the bottom

A bowl was mounted for trial.

 bottom turned with the new jaws

A successful bottom and a successful set of jaws.