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Repairing the Reeves Drive (2)

Regular maintenance is part of the job.

The left and right holes were tapped 1/4" x 20, standard thread for a 1/4" bolt. woodturning lathe disassembly
2 1" long bolts were inserted and this became the "washer" for the end of the all thread, with the bolts bearing against the cap. woodturning lathe disassembly
and a standard fender washer and nut on the other end. woodturning lathe disassembly
Remove the snap ring with snap ring pliers and slack off the nut until the assembly is out of tension. Remove the cap and spring. woodturning lathe disassembly
You now have clear access to the top movable pulley. In my case it did not move. woodturning lathe disassembly
I suppose you could pound it off but I like a pulley remover. In this case I used a fender washer against the hollow spindle for a base. woodturning lathe disassembly
While I was in there I removed and cleaned around the stationary pulley. When replacing it I locked it in place by positioning it with the set for the index ring and using a second set screw over the first to prevent vibration from loosening it. woodturning lathe disassembly

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