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Repairing the Reeves Drive 3

Regular maintenance is part of the job.

Removal of 4 bolts gives access to the lower pulleys on the drive shaft. There is a plate holding a bearing (removed), the stationary pulley, belt, movable pulley, bearing, bearing plate and the speed adjustment rod. Actually both pulleys move but the first is prevented from travel by the back plate, no set screw is needed. woodturning lathe disassembly
That said, I still needed the pulley remover to get the pulley off for lubrication. woodturning lathe disassembly
Now clean and lubricate everything and put it back in place. woodturning lathe disassembly
I double nutted the end of the all thread to be sure I did not do anything stupid and applied tension with the headstock nut to draw the cap and spring into place. woodturning lathe disassembly
woodturning lathe disassembly
It takes a bit of jiggling to get the spindle out through the cap. Use the bolts to press the cap in so the snap ring is free and use a magnet to bring it up. woodturning lathe disassembly
woodturning lathe disassembly
Once the snap ring is in place, replace the covers and you are done. The belt will be loose until you first turn on the lathe. woodturning lathe disassembly

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