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15" Craftsman Drive Belt

Getting it tight (2)

The front cover will swing down. Remove the wires from the switch. They are just covers over the spade lugs. Set the covers aside. wood lathe switch
Undo the center bolt holding the speed indicator wheel and remove it. REMEMBER THE EXACT POSITION OF THE WHEEL. IT MUST BE REPLACED IN THE SAME POSITION AS IT IS REMOVED! speed indicator wheel
The motor pivot bolt is revealed to the right of the upper pulley. Loosten it with an Allen wrench. wood lathe motor adjustment
I use a pivot bar and a wooden wedge to tighten the motor. While the wedge is not necessary, it seems to help. There is limited access to the drive belt but there is enough play to exchange it now if necessary. wood turning motor adjusted
Now it is a matter of replacing everything in the opposite order from which it was removed. Be sure to replace the speed indicator wheel in the same position as it was removed. The white wire is on top on the switch. back to woodturning

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