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Ongoing Project (02)

Turning Air and Manitoba Maple.

I take away part of the bottom to leave the faceplate screws proud of the work. The bottom is removed to that level and now shaped. I want to leave the crotch wood in place if possible to show off the feather grain around the join. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
I am close to center at one end. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
At the other I am both on center and distant. Crotch wood will often do that to you. If I had been able to start between centers I could have lined up the work there. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
I begin to round off the bottom of the wing, cutting through the first center and turning to the others. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
This leaves me with a series of ovals in one wing. Note that I have defined a depth of tenon in the center for a pedestal and have rounded corners for it as it meets the wing. This should give easier sanding than an abrupt line. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
The waste wood is turned away to leave the overall shape. Next I need to sand the bottom and look at turning away the top. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image

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