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Ongoing Project (03)

Turning Air and Manitoba Maple.

There is a lot going on here with the oval cross section from the main trunk and the feathering of the crotch grain as well as a little bark inclusion "T" at the crotch junction. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
After sanding to 600 the detail really shows. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
Curls in the wood have shown up at the other end. I have sanded with the lathe off as it is easier with this sort of shape. However, as you may notice on the pedestal from this view, I need to go back to about a 120 and remove the scratches that have shown up under the polish of the 600 grit. It happens. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
Moving around to the front of the piece I prepare to remove a lot of the wood. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
I remove the center like a bowl to leave the whole piece about an inch thick. Then I begin on the the ends. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image
The center is left an inch or so thick to provide support as the ends are worked in gradually. Manitoba Maple Wing Bowl Image

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