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Making a Swan Necked Hollowing Tool - Page 2

Once the shaft for the hollowing tool is bent it needs to have a cutting tip installed and a handle fitted

 drill a hole in the shaft for a cutting bit

Next I go to the drill press and drill for a 3/16" square bit, my common size for hollowing tools. The hole needs to be about 9/32" and the easiest way to drill it is to start about 1/6" and creep up on it in small increments.

 drilling the hollowing tool shaft for the set screw

Rotate 90 degrees and drill a 13/64" inch hole to tap for a 6 x 1 mm set screw or adjust for the set screw of your choice.

 tapping the hollowing tool shaft for the set screw

Tapping the hole is a lot like driving a screw by hand. Back up a half turn now and then to clear shavings from the tap.

 drilling the hollowing tool handle for a set screw  tapping the tool handle for a set screw

All that remains is to make a handle to fit. I like about a 15" shaft with 12" extending from the handle and about a 16" handle. As an alternative, a piece of galvanized or black pipe with a couple of set screws allows a heavy handle that lets you adjust the length of shaft. I like to wrap the end of the handle with cotton cord for comfort in a cold shop.

put the tool in the handle, install a cutting bit

So all that remained was to put the tool in the handle, install a cutting bit, sharpen and try it out. It worked well. Next I have to make an armbrace for it and see if I like that.

armbrace for a woodturning hollowing tool close up of handle for hollowing tool for woodturning

The armbrace turned out to work well although it will take a bit of getting used to as I use it.You really need a short bed lathe or one with a swivel head to use this I think. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. There is a 3" x 1/2" galvanized nipple which has been drilled and tapped for a couple of set screws, a 90 degree 1/2" elbow, a 2" x 1/2" nipple, a 90 degree 1/2" elbow and a 12" length of 1/2" galvanized with 1/2 of a 4" ABS couple screwed to it with self tapping metal screws. I think it took longer to think of it than it did to make it.

 hollowing tool with an easily adjustable angle of tip

I was asked if I knew of an easy method in the home shop for making a hollowing tool with an easily adjustable angle of tip. After a fair amount of thought I must admit that I looked at the tool rack at a scraper handle I had made a while ago. Embarrassingly I had the tool and method in front of me. I had used a grinder to put a flat on the end of the tool and drilled and tapped for a 6mm x 1 bolt. One washer and a cutting tip and voila. I think a 5/8" swan neck tool with an adjustable tip is called for.