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"What Do I Do with this Piece of Wood?"

I decided to cut the piece down the middle. Here are the halves. Note the pronounced bark inclusion. This is fairly common with this type of cut. It looks like the feather pattern continued farther into the log. I wish I had the other piece too. Some people are never satisfied.
Arbitrarily, I decide to work on this side first. There is a pronounced crack in one of the ends.
A quick check reveals that a 10" disk is the largest possible from this section.
A cut from the chainsaw takes care of most of the crack
and some junk from the other end. As I rough the piece I will decide on a finishing with a regular bowl or a five sided natural edge. Since the piece will likely be more decorative than used with that bark inclusion, I am inclined toward the natural edge.
I have decided to mount this between centers. The tail stock side will be the bottom and the top is toward the head stock. I am fairly sure of this although the finished product may call for different orientation as I get to the grain.
As I start to turn down the piece I find the wood is more solid than I expected even with the spalting. The grain is showing well and this will make a good bottom. The bark inclusion is not showing through but the bark is not going to stay on as well might be liked.
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