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"What Do I Do with this Piece of Wood?"

Here is quick tip for times like this when we need to reach over a piece with jutting edges to turn the lathe on or off. It is also helpful when turning a hollow form and you have to walk around to get to the lathe switch frequently. Plug the lathe into a switched power bar and keep the bar near the tail stock. A simple extra on/off switch.
The bottom is starting to take shape. Note the bark on the upper right quadrant. It may or may not stay. I am considering how much to leave and how much to leave in place. Even if it comes off it will leave a gorgeous brown mark that will leap to a chocolate shine when the oil hits it.
Using the bottom to determine the shape, I turned the piece over and hollowed out, leaving about 3/4" in thickness. I also left the core so I can remount later to trim it to size.
Looking at the bottom, I notice some endgrain cracks but the overall form and grain looks good.
Because this will be a decorative piece, I use some CA on the cracks to prevent further splitting. I also applied Anchorseal to the end grain and now will let it rest for a month before finish turning.

The other side of the crotch is here.

If this is any help, please let me know how it turned out.

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