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Wood Turning a Birch Vase (4)

Stumped, but enjoying it.

The gate is not strictly necessary but the twisted grain and voids make one appreciate a little more control as the cuts get deeper.
There is also the stringy bark to contend with. A hook gives considerably more speed in the removal than does a scraper type of hollower.
Periodically I stop the lathe to consider the design thoughts.
The wings are beginning to form and I change the tool rest, not really necessary but I have decided to use a 3/16" scraper to make a hole at center as it is easier to use the hook tool in this fashion and I am used to using a regular tool rest with the scraper.
So I put back the gate and move in another inch or so.
So far, at least on this side, I am following the line of the bark down the side and it looks alright, but I am beginning to wonder if the stem of this piece should not be a lot narrower? A few lines drawn in confirm the suspicion.

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