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Wooden Spoon Project

Turn a wooden spoon with an offset handle. (part 2)

Mount the blank between centers. The tailstock center is offset from center about 1/4" so as to give an angle to the handle when the spoon is reasting. this makes it easier to pick up. offset mounting
A tenon is turned to mount in the chuck. The entire spoon can be turned between centers and I often do so, but for the first few times a chuck gives more security. There is a lot of chatter as you get close to the bowl due to the offset. The tenon is necessary as it is now in line with the tail stock for the offset. turn tenon
turn tenon 2
Place the tenon in the chuck, adjust the tail center in the original hole and tighen everything down. Do not tighten the chuck until the tail center is in the original mounting hole to maintain the integrity of the offset. offset mounting with four jaw chuck
Rough turn the handle. There will likely be some chatter due to the offset. Do not worry about it now, the handle is refined later. turning the handle
Adjust the tool rest and begin to define the edges of the bowl. All we are after is the general outline and blending it ito the handle. The bowl is carved later off the lathe. wood turning spoon bowl
The flat shows there is a fair amount of refining to do but the lines are appearing. flat on spoon shaft
The flat clearly shows the obvious offset. offset turning
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