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Mini Lathe

Given to me as a gift, this mini lathe has proven to be a great asset in the shop.

mini wood lathe

My latest lathe acquired was a gift, this mini lathe from Canadian Tire and here set up for pens. It only weighs about 40 pounds and is easy to take on a trip to the cottage or use for simple demonstrations All it needs for a bench is a portable work unit or for that matter the nearest table or deck rail top. It turns 8" over the bed and 5" over the banjo. Most of the time I have it set up for pens but I have turned a 6" bowl on it.

mini wood lathe

Speed is easily controlled with a simple dial and ranges from 750 to 3200 rpm. It has a 3/4" x16 spindle, #1 Morse taper in head and tail stocks, and accessories are easy to find. It has a light motor but for small turnings it has so far been adequate for me.