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Work in Progress - Spruce Burl Form

- 4 - refining cuts

With the block well glued the piece is returned to the lathe. While there is the chance to bring up the tail stock for support, I have elected to turn the outer surface without it. The glue block is held on with two #14 self tapping sheet metal screws with heavy threads and it is secure enough to turn this light burl without problem. wood turning project: remounting burl
A split has opened down the side of the branch that the burl has rapped itself around. This is fairly common even in a piece of wood that is as dry as this burl. I a piece like this I think it simply adds to the piece and I leave it alone except for a drop or two of cyanoacrylate glue to keep the crack from spreading. It is as much relief of tension when the wood is cut that causes the cracking as it is water loss and in this case even more so. woodturning information
There remains a fair amount of wood to come off this burl. A couple of chain sawn areas can be seen and the shape needs to be refined. Some of the concave sections will break through into holes or "negative space" and others will leave dark areas of contrast. woodturning design
I began to leave the largest section of the vase at about two thirds of the height and gradually taper it to the bottom. woodworking lathe project: refining the curves
Consideration has to be given to the area of the top because the opening will extend down into some the of area that is defined with the inside bark, seen as a chocolate brown. wodturning design: looking at the features
The area around the bottom is left entire but will later be tapered to a smaller footprint. For now it adds mass and glue block support for the later hollowing. wod turning technique: leaving mass

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