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Woodturning an Incurved Winged Bowl - Page 13

Sanding the bottom of the owl with a lathe held relacable sanding disk to remove the tenon stub and finish the bottom.

 remove a tenon remainder

My preference to remove a tenon remainder such as this is to power sand it. The technique can also be used to finish an entire bottom.

sander holder with side up sander holder with top up

The three parts of my system include a lathe block threaded 3/4" x 16 thread for my bowl lathe, a Roll-Lock™ disk holder, and a 3mm hex key for the two hex screws that hold the disk holder in the lathe block.

 two set screws for a firm grip

The set screws are in place at 90° from one another for a secure grip.

 dust collector hose is ready

Mounted on the lathe, the disk is ready to use with a 120 grit sanding pad in place. The dust collector hose is ready and the remote switch is handy to use.

 sanding pad mounted and ready to go

The sanding disk has been well used but still has a lot of good in it. The lathe is set at 2500 rpm.

Work the bottom of the bowl against the spinning pad

Work the bottom of the bowl against the spinning pad, rotating an eighth to a quarter turn each time you bring it to the disk.

Work from center out See Video Here

Work from center out, continually rotating the piece and using as little pressure as possible..

Continue through the grits

Continue through the grits until you reach the one used on the rest of the bowl. This goes very quickly. Be careful with the coarser grits as it is easy to groove the bottom of the bowl.