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Woodturner's Sites - Page 2

Links for woodturners are links for other woodturners to follow, read and learn. Have fun.

Al Bray
Here you can find examples of Al's hand made pens, other wood turnings, favorite Watercolor and Oil Paintings, and examples of his other wood working projects.

Al Fried
Al creates one-of-a-kind pieces using native Kentucky wood from tree tops left by loggers or felled by the wind. Al selects specimens with intricate grain patterns and vivid colors, then shapes smoothes, seals, and polishes the sculpted pieces using a unique multi-step process.

Alain Mailland
Alain has a wonderful display of turned and carved flowers that must be seen to be believed.

Simmonds Woodturning
Hand turned wood porch posts, newels, large dia. table legs and kitchen island legs, and historical reproductions.

Alan Lacer
Alan has been involved in the turning field for over twenty years as a turner, teacher, writer, exhibition coordinator, demonstrator and past president of the American Association of Woodturners. His site has a lot to offer for the beginner and advanced turner alike.

Alex Wallace
Alex has over forty years of woodworking artistry under his belt, beginning his professional career as a theater designer and technical director. Extensive studies in art history and research on historical theater design has provided a foundation for much of his turned wood designs.

Mallee Boy Woodturning
Allan Younger turns mallee root burl and other Australian woods into beautiful, classical forms.

Andi Wolfe
Andi uses her knowledge of plants, botany and nature in general to bring a fantastic world of color and carving to her exquisite turnings. Every turner needs to see this web site.

Cobweb Crafts
Cobweb Crafts is essentially one man, Andy Coates with a lathe, a passion for the material, the possibilities of form,colour, and texture, and the pleasure of having something new to learn each day. He is a Woodturner living and working in the Suffolk countryside close to the Broads, coast, and heath lands that offer much in the way of inspiration.

Andy Webber's Craft Pages - Wood turning
Andy owes his skills in wood turning, and hence also metal turning, to a friend at The Jacaranda Tree, a copy of Dave Register's book, practice and experimentation. He does his inspiration proud.

Moshe Eshel
Moshe's blog has some interesting perosnal history as well as pictures and videos.