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Wood turning lathe tips, techniques and projects
to add to your joy
in turning.

"Wood turning lathes never make mistakes, only kindling!"

Wood turning lathes have become extremely popular over the last few years and are changing the way people develop their wood working hobbies and businesses. The supply companies have responded with an abundance of wood turning tools in their catalogs while many wood working magazines include a woodturning project in most issues. Different organizations and local turning clubs have sprung up to lend one another in learning what is essentially a self taught discipline. It is our hope that this web site will help both beginning and advanced turners to increase their skills in wood turning, tool sharpening, and lathe use through tips, techniques, and woodturning projects of various levels.

If this is your first time to the site, the contents page is a good place to start. It can be overwhelming so take your time, look around and get a feel for what is here.

Beginners are more than welcome. Most turners are self taught but we have all had a boost some where along the way. All beginners should do at least two things. One is address the sharpening problem. Turing tools dull quickly. Dull tools are frustrating and dangerous. You need sharp tools. Most wood turning tools are supplied with the wrong shape grind and also need sharpening. Unfortunately sharpening free hand is difficult to learn and turning with dull tools is frustrating and dangerous. Take a look at the jig over at the sharpening woodturning tools page and either make the jig or get a commercial one. Either is well worth the time or money.

Second is the need to know your lathe. Take some time to learn the parts. It does not take a long time; lathes are very simple machines. Still they are machines and people get hurt, usually through inattention or carelessness. Head over to Lathe parts and maintenancesection for a quick look at my lathes as of 2013.

Then there is the question of what to turn. Of course this hits both beginner and intermediate turners while advanced tend to have a different problem in that they turn the sane thing over and over with slight variations. A look at the woodturning projects pages for beginners, intermediates and advanced may give some help in this.

You may also have questions about where to get wood supply for your turning. The pages on wood turning bowls will give advice on getting wood and turning green wood from the log to the finished product. Spindle turners may also get some insight from these pages as I detail the use of chainsaw and bandsaw to develop spindle material. There is a bit more at the beginning of the wooden spoon project as well.

Along the way there is quite a bit of material on making wood turning tools of various sorts for a lot less money and a lot more satisfaction than buying them. Considering the way in which they are made should help you in their use whether or not you make your own. Come on along and explore the pages. There is a lot of explanation, pictures, and free video for your use. More is being added all the time. Wood turning lathes, tools and projects develop a lot of enjoyment for us all.

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