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Wood Turning Project: Spindle Turning: Mallet #1; page 3

Attaching the handle, fox tenon

To ensure a solid fit, especially if the tenon is a hair loose, I am going to use a fox tenon. This is a tenon with a hidden wedge to make a mechanical bond. This is really not necessary if a good epoxy glue is used but it maintains some old habits of wood working especially as the join here is gluing of end grain to side grain. To begin I use a v-block to hold the handle at the band saw. handle in v-block
A slot is cut in the tenon stopping about 1/4" before it would be seen outside the handle. cutting slot in tenon
A wedge is cut such that
  1. it is shorter than the slot
  2. the bottom is the width of the slot
  3. the top is wider than the slot but the width of the top plus the width of the tenon is not greater than the diameter of the mortise
wedge for mortise
Glue is applied to the tenon and it is inserted into the head. As it enters the wedge is pushed into the slot by the bottom of the mortise and the tenon is locked in place mechanically as well as by the glue. I prefer to use a good epoxy in case gap filling is needed. Besides, this mallet will take a lot of punishment in the shop. gluing in the tenon
Once the glue has dried, apply a finish of your choice. Here I am using a 50/50 mix of mineral and vegetable oils. It looks good, takes a lot of bangs, is easily renewed and resists glues and such in the shop. finished mallet

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