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Advanced Woodturning Project
Black Cherry Vase - Page 2

Beginning to remove the inside with a home made hook tool

hollow with a hook tool and a gate

I begin to hollow with a hook tool and a gate.

make a 1" wide hollow

Using the straight tool I make a 1" wide hollow in the bottom of the future vase

hollow with the hook tool

Then I continued to hollow with the hook tool

reach the desired depth

This simply got repeated until I reached the desired depth.

checking for depth

Now and then I checked for depth. I am sure some people can automatically sight and know how much farther they have to hollow, but I am not one of them. I would rather measure than make a funnel.

Check the outside occasionally

Check the outside occasionally, some thing will have to be done sooner of later about the crack. For me, holding it together with CA does not make sense as it always seems to leave an area that is hard to finish without using CA on the whole surface.