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Advanced Woodturning Project
Black Cherry Vase - Page 8

Turning away the excess base and finishing the exterior of the vase

screw holes are clearly visible

The screw holes are clearly visible and must be turned away.

undercut sufficiently to remove them

However, they are fairly deep and we are trying to keep every scrap of wood we can, The foot will need to be undercut sufficiently to remove them.

begin to sand the base exterior

While there is still lots of wood supporting the piece I begin to sand the base exterior. The tool marks at the foot will need a bit more work.

match the rest of the exterior

Sanding is continued to 800 to match the rest of the exterior.

the foot is undercut

The 3⁄16" Oland is sharpened and the foot is undercut to remove the screw holes and to lighten the base. The tenon is turned to less than a quarter inch.

tenon is snapped off

Finally, the tenon is snapped off and the bottom will be sanded off the lathe.