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Green Wood Turning Preparation

Preparing the log for bowl and spindle wood turning blanks

Now to use one of those log sections. Here is the end of a 13" x 10 1/2" log section of red maple about six months after being coated with Anchorseal on the ends. Note the absence of cracks and splits. It has sat out in sun, rain, wind, and snow for the six months and I am getting around to using it. log section
The cuts we make tend to be some of the safest for a chain saw. To make them a lot safer, you need a safe way to hold the wood. Some of the saw bucks I have seen by turners appear to have been designed by serious techno-geeks. All those bells and whistles, belts and straps are dangerous and unnecessary. Take a look at the small bucking horse here. It is simple, cheap, quick to make, easy to use, easy to repair after cutting it up with the saw, and it may save a leg. woodturning, woodworking sawbuck accessory
Lay the log in the trough. It prevents rolling around. I like to mark a line where I plan to cut. Most of the time the log will need a cut down the center. See the arrow pointing at the pith. Try to cut through it. Keep the saw sharp, make sure the dogs are in the wood, and cut down at about a sixty degree angle. This should allow the saw to clear long shavings without clogging the bar and drive sprocket. Look at your owner's manual for explanation of the names of saw parts. chainsaw wood turning log
cutting green wood turning blank

I hope this helps so let me know how it turned out.

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