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Intermediate Woodturning Projects: Natural Edged Bowl - Page 4

Turning the interior, sanding and finishing the bowl.

cutting the interior

With the outside of the bowl trued up and the from established I begin to remove the escess in the interior. Generally I cut down about an inch at a time and then blend the areas together. Especially at the edges of a piece like this there is little support for the ends except for the next wood into the bowl and the rim is not a complete circle.

result of the final cut

The final cut to the bottom should be accomplished with a freahly sharpened small tool going slowly and precisely to ready the piece for sanding.

inside sanded outside sanded

The inside and out are sanded to at least 600 and preferably to 2000 grit.

finished natural edged bowl, interior finished natural edged bowl, exterior

Finally the bowl is signed and a hand rubbed oil finish applied.