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Woodturning: Alternate Power Sanding Disk Page (2)

Shaping the backing and applying foam and velcro

shaping sander with a mcro rasp

If you have a Jacob's chuck for your lathe, by all means mount the disk in the chuck and turn it to shape. For purposes of illustration I am mounting it in the drill press and shaping it with a micro rasp

shaping sander with a wood rasp

or a regular rasp.

rounding and tapering the woodworking sander

You want it rounded and tapered smaller in the back than the front.

marking  a foam pad

Using a sanding disk as a pattern draw a circle on a piece of foam pad from a back packer's sleeping pad or something similar.

cutting out a foam backing pad

and cut it out.

Glue it to the wood disk with hot glue

Glue it to the wood disk with hot glue.

mark for velcro strip

Mark off the sides of the Velcro strip

glue it in place with hot glue

and glue it in place with hot glue. I have tried other glues like CA and epoxy. They work but this does as well and it is fast and easy. Why fix what is not broken?