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Make a Drill Powered Disk Sander for Woodturning - Page 2

Adding Velcro™ to the sanding pad to make it more versatile with hook and loop sand paper.

attaching a rubber pad with hot glue

With the hot glue gun, put a strong bead around the disk, attach the rubber pad to it and trim it roughly to the disk.

attaching the Velcro™ with hot glue

Smear hot glue over the rubber pad and attach the velcro strip. If you are making a 3" pad, a strip of 2" velcro down the center will work well.

turn down and clean on the lathe  remount on the Jacob's chuck

Now remount on the Jacob's chuck and turn down and clean.

sandpaper on and ready to use

Put one of those quarters on the velcro and you are set to go. I have trimmed a bit of the excess but even that is not necessary. It is certainly not necessary to cut to a perfect circle. All that is needed now is to mount the shaft in your electric drill and turn a bowl to sand.

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