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Welcome to Around the Woods. There are some changes happening to the web site these days. For an explanation head over to the What's New page. Most of you will have no problem but a few of your bookmarks may need an update. This is still the place to come to for wood turning info and fun. The attitude, at least on the wood turning side of learning HTML5 and reprogramming everything, is still to keep it simple and keep on making shavings.

If this is your first time to the site, the contents page is a good place to start. It can be overwhelming so take your time, look around and get a feel for what is here. There is nothing for sale on the site but a lot of stuff to pick up and try. When I began turning, somewhere around 20 years ago, there were not a lot books around and fewer videos and the web was for all intents and purposes a dream in very few minds. However, there were turners around who were more than willing to share what they knew and we all seemed to have the attitude that there were no secrets, just stuff to practice a whole lot. That is what we try to do here and my hope is that you get better than I am so you can show me stuff too.

Beginners should seriously look at the sharpening jig. The two most frustrating things you can do in wood turning are trying to turn without sharp tools and trying to get a good edge on those tools. Sharpening by hand is as much an art as a science but the jig will make it easy. I started sharpening by hand and made the jig to see if one was worth the buying. Mine worked so well I have kept it for more than fifteen years. I recommend either making or buying one. Many a long time professional turner has gone to using a jig.

Anyway, enough talking, take a look around, get some ideas and make some shavings. Keep in touch. Feel free to ask questions. If I do not have an answer someone else likely will.

In the meantime, take a look.