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Tips from the Dollar Stores - Page 1

Dollar stores can be sources of ideas for shapes and also handy things for the shop

The question arose in the rec.crafts.woodturning newsgroup over what might be used from the Dollar Stores and thrift shops in the woodturning shop? So I took my digital into the shop and started taking pictures. I am sure I will need to do it again for the things I missed.

Measuring Tapes

You can never have too many measuring tapes

You can never have too many measuring tapes, especially when you need one for the shop, one for the car, one for the house and a handful for those times you put one down and do not remember where. Hint: for crucial measurements, use the same tape to measure work as you used to measure space.

Small Brushes

Small paintbrushes are great for positioning a bit of glue

Small paintbrushes are great for positioning a bit of glue, stain, dye or paint when a big brush is overkill. There are lots of small paint brushes in the craft section. At this price, if you forget to clean it, it is simply throw away. Cleaning is better for the environment, but accidents happen.

Paint Brushes

larger brushes for the friends who keep them

On the other hand, larger needs require larger brushes. Besides, at a dollar a brush, you can afford to use one for spreading tar or whatever and lending it to that friend who never returns it is bearable.

Etching Tool

etching tool for the woodworker

I came across this little fella in the craft section. It is used for etching your id into all sorts of stuff. I will try it for surface enhancements one of these days.

Straight Edges

Straight edges are always handy

Straight edges are always handy. At this price from the stationary section, if you need a smaller one, just cut it down.


Markers etc

Marks need to be made

Marks need to be made. I get pencils, pens, markers and crayons from the stationary section for marking everywhere from paper to wood. Get some different sizes and colors.