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Tips from the Dollar Stores - Page 3

the hunt for tips from the dollar store goes on, woodturning tips are always being hunted

Special Scrapers

Here are a couple of those chisels ground as scrapers. I just knock off the bevel with a grinder and put a new one in place. The left scraper is for bowl interiors and the right one for inside boxes or bowls for the transition from side to bottom.

shear scrapers for the exterior of shapes

Make a Set of Shear Scrapers

shear scrapers for the exterior of shapes One is left and one is right

I have taken a couple of 3/4" chisels and ground them into shear scrapers for the exterior of shapes. One is left and one is right, I am not sure which is which but they are opposite as you can see in the close up. I made these to try them after listening to a JOhn Jordan video. The intention was to redo them in HSS if I liked them, but these work well so why upset things?

Cleaning Stuff

I got my broom and such at the dollar store and this big dustpan and bench brush are great to have around when the chips fly.

wood turning shop dust pan

Metal Brushes

wood shop metal brushes

I like small metal brushes for lots of parts cleaning things and once in a blue moon even some texturing. The brass ones are great for brushing out a sand paper disk when sanding wet wood.

Magnetic pickup

 extendible magnetic pick up

Not only is this extendible magnetic pick up a great help when screws and stuff fall into the shavings, but it also makes a great depth guage for bowls and vases.