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Bowls from Firewood to Finished - Videos

A series of videos I put on You Tube a while ago about turning bowls from a log.

Some time ago I put up a series of videos on YouTube about turning a bowl from a log so I thought it would be good to have them all in one easy access point. Eash video is fairly short and one of these days (famous last words) I am going to reshoot for a full length video. In the meantime, please enjoy and feel free to critique and comment.

Cutting the Log to Length

Ripping the Blank

Marking Out the Bowl

Cutting the Corners off the Blank

Mounting Between Centers on the Lathe

Turning the Outside with an Oland Tool

Turning the Inside with the Oland Tool - Part one

Part two - Remounting,Turning the Bottom and Clearing the Tenons

Sanding a Finish Turned Bowl - Outside

Sanding a Finish Turned Bowl - Inside