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Advanced Woodturning Project - Two Raised Arm Birch Vase - Page 1

Reversing the growth direction in a paper birch stump changes the set of woodturning design considerations

birch stump on the wood lathe finished woodturning
birch wood from cottage to wood lathe

I had to cut some limbs and standing dead wood for my folks at their cottage so I brought back some of it. Some will be relegated to fire wood because of splits and the like, but a lot I can turn.

birch stump chosen for turning wood

This white birch stump piece looks like it should have some spalting and is fairly dry although it is freshly cut.

stump from one side stump from another side

Typical of stump wood there is a nice flair to the side and there should be some nice grain, even on this young a tree.

 mounted it between centers.

I cut off a piece about 12" long and mounted it between centers.

a more or less straight run to the tail stock

There is quite a slant to the spur end as I try to get a more or less straight run to the tail stock.