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Wood Turning Basics

Beginner Project: File Handle (1)

Files need handles. Too many people have slipped with an unhandled file and driven the tang into their hand. While I tend to grab a piece of scrap, drill a hole in the end and shove in a file, this project is a more elegant solution. The dimensions are found in Milton and Wohlers as a spindle turning project. Here we work on turning to a given dimension, using appropriate spindle tools, and adding a ferrule. woodworking lathe project: file handle preparation
I start with the file in question, a blank of maple or other hard wood 1 1/4" x 7" and a 1/2" long section of copper pipe for a ferrule. Be sure the ferrule is deburred on one end. woodworking lathe project: mounting the work
Mount the blank between centers and snug it up. wood turning project: mounting the work
Turn it round with the roughing gouge. wood turning project: roughing gouge
Using the guide lines from Milton and Wohlers, mark out the main diameters on the blank. Include the center of the cove section which goes down to 3/4". Just mark the beginning of the section for the ferrule. woodturning project marking out
Mark the other end of the ferrule by holding the ferrule to the work. It is easier and more precise to measure from the piece rather than with a ruler or tape. wood turning tip