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Wood Turning Basics

Beginner Project: File Handle (3)

Round over the corners except on the ferrule tenon. It is not yet fit to the ferrule. woodworking lathe project: rounding corners
Cut in the cove for the fingers. While a spindle gouge is easiest, the cove is long enough and gentle enough to do so with a skew or a straight chisel. woodturning lathe project: cutting the cove
Slip the ferrule pipe over the small tenon before the ferrule tenon. Remount the piece. wood turning lathe project: adding the ferrule
Holding the ferrule in your left hand and the parting tool in your right, gradually fit the ferrule to the tenon. A snug fit is possible. woodworking lathe exercise: fixing the ferrule
With the ferrule in place, sand the piece to about 220 grit. Finer is not necessary for a tool handle. Sand the ferrule to remove any oxides. Part in front and back preparatory to cutting the bits of tenon off while off the lathe. Finish the handle if you so desire. I used a bit of turner's polish. sanding the handle
Remove the piece from the lathe and trim front and back. A bit of finish on each and all that remains is to drill and fit the handle. finished spindle turning project: file handle

If you have found this project helpful please let me know.