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Wood Turning Project : Intermediate
Table Lamp (2)

Wood turning a table lamp in spalted birch. Turning the base

Turn the base round and concave the bottom. Sand it to at least 220. Drill a 3/16" hole at center and  wood turning technique
flip it round on the screw chuck.  woodturning techique
Turn the base to a pleasing shape, realizing that the top will need to trasition into the shart of the lamp. wood lathe chuck
Here I have used a bead to a fillet, a small cove to another fillet, a larger cove and a bead for the shaft to rest on. wood turning design
Position the tool rest at the face of the piece woodturning design
and turn a mortice for the tenon of the shaft to fit later. Ensure that the sides of the tenon are straight, that is, they should neither angle in nor out. technique
Now a short pause. It is necessary to drill a hole along the center line of the base to intersect another hole whilch will be drilled down the center of the shaft so as to fit the lamp cord. If you have a set up for this great, else take a square of hard wood at least four inches longer than the swing of your lathe and turn a two inch tenon the size of your tool rest post. tip jig lathe
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