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Wood Turning Project : Intermediate
Table Lamp (3)

Wood turning a table lamp in spalted birch. Drilling the center hole in the base.

Put the square in the tool rest and secure it. Bring up the tail center and tap it into the square to mark the exact lenter line. Off the lathe drill a 5/16' hole through the square. wood turning wizardry
Place the new drill jig in line with the bottom of the base at least a quarter inch from the bottom and angled toward the top about 2°. Using the jig as a guide, drill the hole most of the way to center. Remember there is a screw in the way right at center. The hole can be finished up when the base is removed. woodturning wizardry
Parts for a lamp are quite simple. Here is a 10" harp to hold the shade, #18 lam cord and plug, a decorative washer and a bulb socket with switch attached to a length of 3/8" threaded brass tubing. wood turning supply
While there are likely fancier ways to do do this, I stand the shaft square in the drill press vise ensuring that it is as vertical in all directions as I can get it. Then I drill a 1/4" hole at center, 2 1/2" deep. woodturning blank
The square is moved to the bench vise and the hole serves as a guide for a 1/4" brad point bit in a hand drill. lathe technique
A shot of the bottom of the square indicates that this can work quite well. lathe technique
This is simply mounted between centers, ensuring that the hole for the cord is centered in the lamp shaft. project
Remembering that it will go on the base, turn the shaft to a pleasing shape. I like to leave a sort of cup at the top in the manner of a candle stick as this style of lamp mimics the form. Remember that this will be upright and do not make the piece of wood symetrical from the center. Turn a tenon at the bottom to match the mortice in the base. Sand. design
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