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Wood Turning Project : Intermediate
Table Lamp (5)

Wood turning a table lamp in spalted birch.
Attaching the light fixture.

I find the easiest thing for me is to measure the length necessary to reach through any nuts, decorative washers and so on as well as the base of the harp and the light fixture, then to apply a few turns of Duck Tape around it and use pliers to turn it into the wood. It will self thread as you go. wood turning technique
The socket comes apart with some persuasion into three pieces: woodturning technique
the base which attaches to the threaded rod, the socket for the bulb and the cover. wood turning supply
bring the cord through the base and tie it in an overhead or "underwriter's" knot. One side of the cord will be identified with a color or a flat area. This end attaches to the chrome colored screw, the other wire goes to the brass colored screw. BEFORE YOU ATTACH THE WIRE TO THE SOCKET woodturning supply
be sure you have attached in order the decorative washer, the harp and the nut to hold it in place. The base of the socket screws over the rod and is held in place with a set screw. technique tip
There is a sort of wiggling dance as you pull the wire down and get the socket in place and attach the cover that snaps into position. The harp just fits into the cradle and you have a lamp. technique tip
Another view project
and one with the shade in my daughter's apartment. project design
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