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Wood Turning Project : Intermediate
Table Lamp (4)

Wood turning a table lamp in spalted birch.
Assembling and starting wiring.

Check to be sure the tenon is a good fit. wood turning technique
Drill a 1/2" hole in the center of the base to intersect with the wire hole from the side. woodturning technique
I stopped the hole before it came out the bottom but there is no particular reason to do so and it may be easier to wire the lamp if the hole is completely through. wood turning tip
I like to widen the hole through the shaft to 3/8" for easier wiring and assembly. woodturning tip
Run the wire through the base and shaft plan tip
and glue the tenon in the mortice with yellow glue or adhesive of your choice. plan tip
Apply your finish of choice and let it dry. I was also finishing a blue dyed spruce burl vase at the same time. project
Once the glue and finish are dry, place the threaded rod over the cord and insert it into the wood. It will take some work. project
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